Part of Tri-Hards ethos is working alongside businesses (preferably local) to help build the community.

Deli on the Strand

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Deli on the Strand

Deli on the Stand in the only delicatessen in Exmouth, we are situated in the heart of the town in The Strand. The Deli is a quality delicatessen and café offering a wide range of speciality produce with the emphasis on high quality produce from local and regional producers. We stock items that the supermarkets do not supply with the aim of being as sustainable and environmentally sensitive as possible.

We bake daily at The Deli and offer home-made quiches, tarts, pies, pastries and home-made cakes to name a few! We use locally sourced ingredients wherever we can.

The Deli has a wide selection of speciality food and drink including a variety of British and Continental cheeses, cooked meats, dairy produce, patés, speciality teas and coffees, conserves, preserves, giftware, oils, pastas, sauces, flours, biscuits, confectionery, eggs, honey, olives, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. We will also cater for those who prefer options such as: vegan, vegetarian, gluten/dairy/soya and wheat free. Sarah is vegetarian so this is close to her heart.

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