Transforming lives through sports, fitness & friendships
Tri-Hards is Exmouth's largest community sport and fitness group - welcoming gents & ladies of all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities
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Changing lives through sport and friendships

From weight loss, to reversal of type-2 diabetes, to coming off anti-depresants, to life-long friendships - We've been blown away by the number of lives Tri-Hards has impacted.


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We've done so much over the years - we're so much more than just a running or cycling club...

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On a Mission…

Tri-Hards Ladies/Gents is a non-judgemental group of like-minded people from many different walks of life, backgrounds and experiences. We’ve come together to improve our and the community’s physical and mental well-being through exercise and friendship.

The group welcomes anyone regardless of physical fitness, background, experience or age. It is our aim to support, encourage and never judge. We have a collective focus on improving the health and well being of every individual.

Tri-Hards is proudly sponsored by

Action for Life

Tri-Hards has teamed up with Action for Life - An Exmouth based First Aid Training Business

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