Tri-Hards was born by accident - a simple desire to get ladies back into exercise has led to a thriving community.

We recognised early on that when exercising there are fundamental differences between ladies and gents... That's why we've got two separate groups :) It's not about strength, performance or ability - we just find it works best.

We currently use Facebook as our main way of communicating, but we're looking at ways to make it even more accessible.

Tri-Hards Ladies

Started back in 2017, now with over 1800 members.

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Tri-Hards Gents

Started eight months after the ladies - The gents now have over 400 members

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Members Stories

Changing lives through sport and friendships

We've been blown away by the number of lives Tri-Hards has impacted.

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Tribal Backers Card

Tribal cards are now available.

By getting a Tribal card you're helping us invest more time into Tri-Hards, putting on more events, reaching more people and having an even greater impact!

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