I just need to share this with you! I’ve just been to the doctors for a mini mot - blood pressure, pill check asthma check and the nurse was absolutely gob smacked with the results! My blood pressure is as close to perfect as it’s ever been and my peak flow was way above average! At worst it was less than 100 (few years ago now) my last check up was after an attack I had the beginning of last year. Appointment after appointment I couldn’t get it up past 380. A doctor suggested I took more exercise! I started the C25K and then joined tri hards! Today my peak flow was well over 500!!!

This is all down to you and Neil and an idea you had! I can now honestly say you have literally changed my life!! ❤️

Oh and she guessed I was a tri hard as they highly recommend it at my practice! My daughter told her she was famous as she’s on the picture and that she’s a mini tri hard!!!

I joined Tri-Hards in August 2018 and was immediately struck by what a fantastic network of support it provides. On many occasions I have exercised when normally I wouldn't, out of a sense of accountability to other members. It has led me to making new friendships and to keep going with exercise when it would be all too easy to stay indoors when it gets cold and dark over winter. For me, Tri-Hards encourages me to be the best I can, competing against myself, striving for improvement and improving my health.

In September 2017 I weighed 120kg, a BMI of almost 38 which is technically morbidly obese. I took a 52” jacket and 44” waist trousers; I was heading for an early grave. Whilst I had lost a lot of weight by the time I joined Tri-Hards, the group has given me the impetus and support to continue with a healthy lifestyle.

Today, I weigh a shade over 13 stone, I have a 32” waist, more lean muscle mass than I have ever had, and my body fat has been as low as 14% - well within the healthy range for my age. My resting pule rate is under 50 and my blood pressure was 110/64mmHg when last measured, both of which are exceptional.

My HbA1c levels (an indicator of risk of diabetes), HDL (“good” cholesterol), LDL (“bad” cholesterol), triglycerides and cholesterol ratio are all within guideline figures.

In summary, I’m in very good shape for someone who “celebrates” their 50th birthday this year, due in no small part to the support this group has given me, as it does for so many.

The Tri-Hards group is also about exposing their members to new experiences. In the coming months, I have gig-rowing, running, cycling, HIIT, boxing, resistance work, pilates, walking, touch rugby, dragon boat racing, a triathlon and nutritional advice to look forward to – and that’s all before the Summer.

The Tri-Hards are providing an environment with opportunities for people to exercise, improving their physical and mental health regardless of background, current levels of fitness, ability or potential.

I’m so proud to be a part of this organisation. Neal and Shelly Stammers deserve to be knighted for what they are doing for this town.

I found exercise lonely doing it on my own. Since joining the Tri-hards I have made lots of friends.

This group is full of lots of different ages and abilities. I love the way everyone encourages you no matter how far or long you exercise for.

I have completed in lots of different activities and loving my social life now. It's also good to have people to talk to.This group is amazing as brings lots of woman together to exercise.

I didn't really exercise at all, a real couch potato. With a small circle of friends that also didn't exercise. Since joining with the tri-hards, in one month I've met so many wonderful people. All with great fitness interests and goals which really helps me keep up mine.

I've run my first ever 5k event and completed the 25 mile September challenge! Seeing others do even more inspires me to build up so I can do what they do. I always used to see runners and think "I'd love to do that, but I can't run" with the help of the tri-hards I've learnt instead to tell myself to "just keep going, you can do it".

Thank you ladies, you've changed my life!